About Me

About 5 or so years ago I was The Grimshaw (Asbestosbitch) on Benrik, trying (and often failing) to carry out the tasks as prescribed in ‘This Diary Will Change Your Life’.  Through the site I met some pretty cool people and a few friends who I actually prefer to about 90% of the people that I met through non-internet means.  After a recent nostalgia session, and a conversation on Facebook with a couple of ex-Benrikians, I felt inspired to try and get the old crew back together.  I think we’re still navigating the rather strange path of how you replicate a mid-noughties internet site, without just going back to that internet site (which infuriated the hell out of me, towards the end, with its flakiness) and pretending that it’s 2007 again.  So far it seems to be going alright under its own steam and, thankfully, I’m not having to put my bossy pants on very often.

So, me, yes.  I’m 37. I live with my boyfriend and our two cats. I work in asbestos management and if you had asked me 3 months ago if I liked it, I would have said ‘It pays the bills’ because I felt a bit embarrassed that someone with a PhD in Classics and a rather promisingly creative adolesence would actually choose to work in asbestos management.  After losing my job, I realised that me without asbestos is a bit like Claire Danes in Homeland without a terrorist to chase or some dodgy pills to take.  I’m good at it, and I enjoy being good at it, and I like climbing up scaffolding and having sweary banter with plumbers and sticking a screwdriver into a bit of wood and saying ‘It’s wood mate!’.  Thankfully I have a new job, starting soon, so the fun can continue.

My hobbies are swearing, blaming other people for things, tutting, raising my eyebrows, and making amusing comments during TV programmes and films.  I like reading books, and looking down my nose at people who read books that I think are shit.  I am thinking about taking up running, although I have only got as far as downloading an iphone app and browsing arm-straps so far.


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