Three Pretty Good Things

Inspired by Margotandbarbara’s lovely life-affirming blog Three Good Things, I thought that I would share some goodness of my own…

Full Metal Jousting

Chanced upon while avoiding going to bed on a Sunday night, this is a US show which is bringing jousting back to America.  To be honest, I’m not sure that America ever had jousting (apart from in themed restaurants) but hey-ho they want jousting, and jousting they shall have.  There are lots of men called things like Rope and Landon, who are all living in a shared house and are spending their days learning the art of running at each other on horses while carrying big sticks.  It kind of makes you wonder if the knights of ye olde England trained in this way…

Yes, a man was disqualified for punching a horse in the head.  All macho bullshit aside, though, and this is a really entertaining show – combining horse skills with men hitting each other with sticks.

The Yorkshire Soap Company

I never thought that I would deviate from Lush for all my bathly needs – but I got really tired of all the attention that you get the minute you walk through the door there.  The Leeds Lush has about 2m of floor space, but on one visit I got stopped by five members of staff – each pretending that the item I was looking at was their absolute favourite.  This prompted me to shout FOR FUCK’S SAKE and walk out.  Also, Lush staff always call me ‘babe’ and I really hate that.  The products are great, but I can’t face going in there anymore.  The Yorkshire Soap Company initially looked like an inferior Lush rip-off, but once I’d tried their products I was hooked – especially these little bath melt things:


The soaps also make really cute gifts


I must confess that not all of the soap and melts I bought last year actually made it to their intended recipients.  I did have a very fragrant January though!!  YSC have shops in York and Hebden Bridge, and a good online shop too.

Cielo Blanco 

Finally Leeds has a good Mexican restaurant!  Not one of those shitty stick a sombrero on it and it’s Mexican Mexicans, but a thoughtful attempt to bring Mexican street food to the UK.  I’m a massive fan of Thomasina Miers’ Wahaca, and Cielo Blanco is doing something very similar here in Leeds.  It’s the only non-chain restaurant in the new Trinity shopping mall and it’s irritatingly popular (it’s really hard to get a table).  I’m going there tonight with some friends, and we’re adopting an OAP meal time, so that we have a better chance of getting in!  Good selection of veggie food, and my bf absolutely loves their chorizo.


Photo from

Normal bitching and moaning services will resume shortly…


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  1. This is a great list! I love the sounds of Full Metal Jousting – seriously going to have to find that show and watch it. Always fancied the idea of doing some ridiculous kind of sport with horses,.. but then I fancy trying most things at one time or another!

    The soap company sounds lovely – I do agree with you on Lush. I love their stuff but because I know it so well, I hate being jumped on the minute I walk through the door.

    And I agree on the Mexican place too! Only had chance to grab a quick snack in there but it was great. Looking forward to the chance to go back for more…

    Thank you so much for linking up, it’s made me very happy 🙂

  2. I can’t watch that clip – I really don’t want it to ruin the way my mind’s imagining a programme called Full Metal Jousting must be like! Plus, they have proper cowboy names and I LOVE me a cowboy!

    On a separate note, love the sound of the Yorkshire Soap Company. I think my local Lush is a bit more restrained than yours though so I don’t think I’m ready to leave them for another company quite yet 🙂

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