Candy Crushed


I have an addiction.  It’s stopping me from being a productive member of society.  I play FAR too much Candy Crush Saga.  Perhaps alarm bells should have rung with the use of the word ‘saga’ – that’s never really something one should voluntarily get involved with (“Hey, want to come to my family saga this weekend?” “No fucking way!”).  But Candy Crush is just a symptom, it’s not the disease itself.  I’m almost certain that people have children because, on a deep subconscious level, it injects purpose into their lives.  Choosing to be childless means that I have to make a conscious decision to fill my time in a purposeful way – especially now that I have instructed friends and family to shoot me if I even look like I’m going to do another degree, so my student years are well and truly behind me.

Although my job is important to me, I could never be the sort of person who makes work their whole life – especially given that I’ve ended up in a career that’s not creative (well, apart from the accountancy side of it) – I need other outlets.  While I was sitting, staring at my phone, waiting for my Candy Crush lives to refill, I realised that this was a poor choice of activity.  Especially as I’m stuck on a particularly frustrating level!

So, I’ve picked up the bass that my friend gave me when I finished my PhD (and decided that I was going to use my advanced knowledge of Hellenistic literature to become a rock star) and my bf has taught me the bass line to Bomb Track by Rage Against the Machine.  It’s fairly straightforward and I just need to remind my hands how to stretch and my fingertips to take the pressure of the strings.  It actually felt good to do something real, instead of manipulating virtual sweeties into lines.

As my brain was kicking back into action, I had an idea that I thought would make a really good screenplay. Well, if not really good, then good enough to make an attempt to write it out.  I’m working my way through Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat and seeing if I can figure out a structure.  I pitched the idea to my sister last night, and she’s enthusiastic (shame she isn’t a Hollywood producer, but I value her judgement and ideas).

So within two weeks I’ve transformed myself from iPhone schlub to renaissance woman.  Writer. Musician. Maverick. Well, not really, but I recognise a cycle that I seem to be in, where I am really creative and then go into hibernation until I bore myself back into productivity.  I have been through the Candy Crush Saga saga, and am peering out into the sunlight once again.  Hello!


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  1. Seriously! I think the fact they called this “saga” is entirely too accurate. I’m currently stuck on level 14 or something. It’s not an obsession, just more of a train distraction.

    Not to reel you back in, but have you discovered Wordy?

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